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  • Home Theatre / Media Room
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TV/Home Theatre Set up

Home Theatre Design Maple Ridge

We can provide the mounts and hang your TVs and connect them with your components and Sound System and more. Contact us for more information

Smart Home, Automation & Control4

Home Network Installation Maple Ridge

A smart home is a home outfitted with technology that enables communication between connected devices which gives you more control of your home. Advantages include energy efficiency, customization, First World conveniences and ease of use while disadvantages include cost and internet reliance. Much like electric windows, electric locks, cameras, and safety sensors are now standard options when buying a car, the same can be said when building a modern home. Now, audio, video, music, cameras, temperature, lighting, shades, irrigation, and more can be monitored with one app in the palm of your hand or a touchscreen on the wall. That’s smart, but what is truly smarter is automation, where your devices do what you want them to do without your intervention. For example, if it’s raining outside, don’t turn on the irrigation system. If it’s hot outside, close the shades to keep the interior comfortable. If there’s motion detected and it’s dark, turn on the lights.

Voice-controlled options like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are getting better and better every day to do simple things like turn on the lights and play music. These are great systems to build a smart home around. While not abandoning voice-control, long before Alexa and Google Assistant, we’ve adopted Control4 as the central brain that ties all of your home components together.

As a Control4 (control4.com) dealer for over 15 years, we are in tune with products and services that are the building blocks of a “smart” home. Control4 connect smart devices to work in unison, delivering a truly intelligent smart home experience that makes life more convenient, safe, and enjoyable.

A smart home operating system (OS) connects virtually all of the technology in your home. With Control4 Smart Home OS 3, you and your family can control nearly every device and system in the house in ways that are easy and fun to use, including voice control via Alexa, Google Assistant, or Josh AI.

Some customers are hesitant about getting involved with a Smart Home. They fear that it will be too complicated for them. Actually, the opposite is true. A smart home by Control4 makes your daily tasks and routines inside of the home much easier. With one remote control and only a couple of button presses, you can turn on your tv and sound system and tune to whatever channel you want .

Come and visit our showroom and we would be pleased to show you just how easy Control4 can simplify your life!


Alarm Systems Maple Ridge

Audio availability and performance are key to enhancing your lifestyle. According to healthline.com, “researchers concluded that music is a valid therapy to potentially reduce depression and anxiety, as well as to improve mood, self-esteem, and quality of life.”

We help you create a system where you can enjoy high-quality music and sound whether it is in a single room or in multiple rooms throughout your home. Each area, or zone, can play something different than in other rooms in your house, or you can play the same music in all zones at the same time.

There are a few ways to achieve the desired system. Some systems work wirelessly (think Sonos and Heos) and as long as you have a robust wireless network, it is relatively easy to add the right components to your rooms to provide a quality experience. While just about every modern system relies on some form of wi-fi to control the volume and source/music selection, a system that is wired, as opposed to wireless, can offer greater performance because hardware components can be adopted to suit the environment (think built-in speakers, subwoofers and powerful amps) that can be tweaked to satisfy the most demanding listener. In addition, a wired system is usually more reliable and robust than a wireless one.

Whether you are building new home and want to wire it for amazing sound or you just want to make your current home enjoy the luxury of beautiful sound, we have you covered.

Home Theatre / Media Room

Home Theatre Design Maple Ridge

A dedicated room for the pure enjoyment of movies, shows, and sports usually involves a big display and a high-quality surround sound system. Some people call it a Home Theatre, while lately, some refer to it as their Media Room. There is no better way to enjoy a movie or sporting event than on a big screen. A big screen brings images to life! The big screen could be a large tv or even larger screen filled by a projector. With high-definition (HD) and 4K resolutions, large screens do not have to compromise picture quality for size. We can assist you with picking the right screen for your special room.

To complement a big picture, you need big sound. Not just loud sound, but quality audio that makes you “feel” the sound that accompanies what you’re seeing. Sound technologies are ever-changing from stereo, to surround, to “3D” sound like Dolby Atmos that places sound around the listener. Your room size and shape may dictate any sound limitations as well as determining the best speaker layout for you.

We can help you design a new Home Theatre to your specifications or help you take your existing space to the next level.

Security & Surveillance

Security Camera Installation Maple Ridge

We do not hold a security license that would allow us to install alarm systems in homes (We usually refer you to a trusted company that can perform the install). However, we are licensed to wire for alarm systems. When we pre-wire new homes, we usually wire for an alarm system. Wired is the way to go as a wireless system’s battery life is limited to two or three years, at which time, the batteries of the affected sensors need to be replaced. This may not be a big deal, but it can come at an unfortunate time, or the sensors may be difficult to access for changing the battery. If you’re not fortunate to have your home wired for an alarm system, there are good wireless systems that can be considered.

We do wire and install camera systems and camera doorbells that can be viewed both at home and remotely while you’re relaxing on the beach (as long as your smartphone can connect to the Internet!). For us, the most important part about a camera system is your ease of use in viewing your cameras and being notified, if you wish, if there are any anomalies that the cameras detect. When you are notified, via the camera app, of something going on at your house, you have an opportunity to respond. This is being pro-active as opposed to viewing recording images of something that happened in the past (like who broke into your car). While ease-of-use is top of mind, video quality is also important. We install cameras that are at least as good as high-definition video.

Usually, we will wire all new homes with ethernet cables so cameras can be added in the future. If your home did not come wired for cameras, there’s still a good chance that we can run wires discretely so you can enjoy the benefits and peace-of-mind that a camera system can bring you. While wi-fi cameras exist, they still require power, which means wires and they may or may not have a good wireless connection to your router. The lesson here is that camera systems are best when wired.

Video Distribution

Video Distribution Systems Maple Ridge

Video Distribution refers to accessing video components, like a cable box or NVR, located in one central area, like an audio/video rack, from any TV in the house. There are a number of benefits to this. First, you don’t have to have a Blu-ray player or cable box located at every TV to watch a movie or watch cable. Aesthetically, this is appealing to keep TV spaces clean of wires and components. Economically, you don’t have to purchase a cable box for every TV, and functionally, as is the case with cable boxes, if there is a limitation on the number of boxes that you can have, you can still watch cable on any TV. So if you have 10 TVs in your house but you’re limited to six cable boxes, a video distribution system will ensure that no TV is left out.

The quality of video distribution has improved with time and now it is easy to distribute 4K video to any 4K TV in the house.

While video distribution can solve some video limitations, today, cable boxes are getting smaller, and people are streaming movies instead of purchasing Blu-ray discs. For aesthetic purposes, it has become easier for us to hide your cable box behind your TV while you can watch your favourite movie on Netflix or other streaming service which is built in to your smart TV.

Lighting and Blinds/Shades

Lighting Control Systems Maple Ridge

Modern homes’ lights are not simply on or off. Often, a light dimmed to a certain percentage offers the best lighting for the occasion, such as watching tv or eating dinner. Combine dimming with control and you have smart lighting. Smart lighting is the new rage as in addition to setting brightness to a desired level, you have the ability to have the lights automatically turn off during the day or you can press one single button in your bedroom to turn all of the lights in the house off when you go to bed. And to make this process even more simple, you can tell Alexa or Google to turn on or off the lights or set a lighting scene.

As a Control4 dealer, we often help design homes so instead of having a gang of four, eight, or even 10 light switches by your entrance that would control your outside, foyer, and hallway lights, we would specify a keypad dimmer the size of a single-gang light switch to replace the multitudes of switches. On top of that, the keypad would have backlit, labelled buttons so you know what lights you are controlling. In addition to the added functionality of controlled lighting, the aesthetic value of replacing a row of light switches (a.k.a wall warts) is quite appealing.

Like lights, there is a beneficial time for shades to be up, down, or somewhere in between. At dusk, shades should go down, and during the day, the shades are up allowing daylight to fill the room. However, there are times when it is a good idea to keep the shades down during the day and that’s usually when it’s so hot outside (and in) that you want to shade your inside from the heat of the sun. This makes your living environment more comfortable while protecting your furniture, fabrics, and pictures from damaging UV light.

You can run around your house pulling on strings and chains to raise and lower your shades, but it sure is more convenient if the shades were motorized so all you have to do is press a button or use your voice to have the shades do what you want. We offer both manual and motorized shades in a variety of fabrics for both indoors and out (think patios).

Central Vacuum

Central Vacuum Systems Maple Ridge

The concept of a central vacuum system is to have the machine in a remote part of the house (like a garage or utility room) while connecting the hose to any number of inlets throughout the house. This meant only having to carry the hose and wand with you instead of the whole vacuum system without the noise of a conventional vacuum. The biggest benefit, in our opinion, for a central vacuum is the air quality inside of your home. When you vacuum with a conventional system (think Dyson), most dirt goes into a canister or bag, but there are lots of tiny particles that blow through the filtration system and into the air, not to mention the many particles that float into the air when you empty the canister. With a central vacuum, in particular the ones that we sell, Cyclovac and Mvac, they have a high quality HEPA filter that traps a lot of the particles that a conventional vacuum machine cannot. And since the machine/canister is located in a remote area, even if some particles get through the filter, it is affecting an area with no or few occupants. It is also possible to exhaust a central vacuum to the outside.

New advances in central vacuum technology includes the retractable hose system, also known as Retroflex. This solves the problem of carrying your central vacuum hose around the house to the closest inlet. The Retroflex retractable hose system, as the name implies, stores your hose inside of the pipe that leads to your machine. When you want to vacuum, you simply pull the hose out of the wall to the length you need (up to 60’), lock it in place, vacuum your floor, and when you’re finished, the hose sucks into the wall and out of sight. Check out this Cyclovac page that show the Retroflex in action. This is a game changer for central vacuum!

Another favourite feature of the central vacuum system is the WallyFlex. Touted as a one hand, one second operation, it’s great little hose in laundry rooms for sucking the lint out of the dryer filter. Normally when you dump the lint into the garbage can, thousands of particles of lint float into the air for you and your family to breathe. The WallyFlex solves this problem. Customers who have used the WallyFlex have requested it installed in their bathrooms and mudrooms. It’s so handy for sucking up hair and make-up around the bathroom sink and vanity. And in the mudroom, it can be quickly used to suck up loose dirt on the floor without hunting for hoses or a broom.

Digital Valley Entertainment
Digital Valley Entertainment

Climate Control

Security Camera Installation Maple Ridge

Climate Control in the home is really not much more than a smart thermostat. Instead of manually adjusting the temperature on your thermostat, a smart thermostat can monitor your environment, both inside and out, and adjust the settings on your HVAC system accordingly. Furthermore, with the help of an automation system, like Control4, climate control can monitor temperatures and raise or lower your motorized shades to achieve the desired effect. This monitoring and control can save a great deal of money in energy costs and the resulting efficiency is good for minimizing your energy consumption and environmental impact.

Home Network

Home Network Installation Maple Ridge

The Internet and your devices’ connection to it is more important than ever. Everyone wants faster and more reliable speeds. When pre-wiring, we can help with this, first by running the best wire from your internet service provider’s connection on the outside of your house to your router, the heart of your home network. From there, we hardwire to network switches and fixed devices, and we hardwire to wireless access points that are strategically placed around the home to ensure a good, strong Wi-Fi signal is available everywhere in the house (and outside too!). We don’t just install the hardware; we also configure it to make your life easier. And now, with new technologies, like Wi-Fi6, on the scene, we are here to help you make choices that’s best for you and your family.
Remember, it doesn’t matter how good your tv, music system, or home automation system is on their own. If the network that connects it all together sucks, then don’t expect good performance from the connected devices. Simply put, your home network is glue that connects you and your devices to the rest of the world and if the network fails, the glue comes undone, and devices fall offline. Please invest in a good home network.


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